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I have an Avalon guitar with a split saddle.  I'm installing a new set of saddles and need to adjust just the wound string saddle.  

Do any of you experienced luthiers or repair folks have any tips for getting the two at the right height where the two saddles meet at the B & G strings?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Use a radius gauge as guide. Remove material from the top.


Thanks for the reply.  These are already compensated so I'd rather take the material off the bottom.  I know I can just get my measurement on the bass side and draw a line to nothing and then sand it. 

If you want to work from the bottom, do the math on the amount of material you want to remove according to the twelfth fret action. Because there are two saddles, you (may) have to do that twice, using the e and g strings and the d and E strings. Otherwise just like a normal saddle. If only the bass side needs lowered then only do the bass side.

Of course this assumes the saddles' radius is already correct. 

Thanks for the reply, Andrew.  That's what I figured as well.  The radius is right and the E & B saddle is fine.  I just need to work from the low E to G.

No problem.


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