So I’m new to the page but wanted to get some advice. I have a 2011 Taylor 414 CE. I noticed this morning that the x brace is starting to split along the grain... I’m in the process of building my own guitar right now but im still pretty new to the luthier game. I think I can just tape/glue/clamp it from the sound hole but I wanted to get some advice. I went in to guitar center to talk to the “repairs specialist” but he wasn’t much help. Is there a certain glue (titebond etc.) that is best? Or do I need to bring it into the shop?
Any pointers help! Thanks a lot

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The Guitar Center “repair specialist” wasn’t much help? What a shock.
Assuming you have mirrors to see what you’re doing and clamps that reach the split, test fit it dry. If it closes up nice, smear some Titebond in there, clean up your mess, and clamp it for a day.

Greg’s plan sounds good to me.  But a cautionary note sounds in my head.  If the X-brace has split - what made that happen and did any other bad stuff also happen?  Check that all the braces are still firmly attached to the soundboard, nothing loose, and no cracks in the soundboard.  


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