Stolen: distinctive heirloom guitar. Please keep a look out.

My great-great-grandfather's guitar was stolen from our home last week, along with two other instruments. The guitar is an 1850s Martin, probably model 1-26. More photos and details maintained here:

The purfling, back seam marquetry, geared tuners, and crack repairs make this instrument clearly unique, and I'm hoping someone will spot it and let me know.

Thanks for looking,

Allen Poole in Portland Oregon, USA

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So sorry and sad that this happened, Alan. What a beautiful instrument with family connection. I certainly hope that you recover your intruments and the 'perps' are caught!!!


I would suspect anyone who knows you and/or of these instruments. Have you had any 'service/maintenance' people in your home lately?


Was the 'break-in' specifically for these instruments....or general ran-sacking?



Very general ransacking, and they took other things as well. We don't have any suspects among people we know or have hired, but we have a couple leads we're encouraging the police to pursue. Thanks for taking note, and anything you can do to help us spread the word to luthiers, dealers, and collectors.

I work in a music store in Portland, I'll be on the lookout for your guitar.

Thanks Ian!

PPD tells me it's likely going to sit in storage for a while as the thieves will figure out that it's hard to sell inconspicuously, so we're in it for the long haul. I plan to keep up 'till the instrument is recovered, and I'm posting it to as many online registries of stolen guitars as I can find. Drop me a line if you can recommend local shops or luthiers I should especially contact?

If you have facebook id suggest making a post with pics and info and circulating it aggressively. I remember a couple years ago a man disappeared when showing a truck he was selling and his family did this. It took about 2 days for a good part of the population in southern Ontario to be aware of the case and people were on the lookout. Unfortunately it didnt end up well for the man, but it proved how useful social media can be in such instances. You might not get awareness like this for a guitar, but you never know.

Wish you the best of luck.

Don't forget to list on Mandolin Cafe Classifieds--  lots of watchers there and it's free.  They also usually post a front page notice shortly after listing.  you may have to register but it's safe.


You might want to try a post on Craigslist as well or send every music store and pawn shop pictures and description but I'm afraid only the dumbest of thieves wouldn't be aware that pawn shops have to list items with police before they make it to the floor for resale. Hope you get them back.

What a heart-break.  I can surely feel the sting of this loss, what a gorgeous guitar and with such a long family history.  I can also imagine your anger.  It probably won't show up down here in Texas, but I'll keep my eye out anyway.  One thing to consider would be a reward of some type.  I've heard money can be a motivator.


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