Today's question is a strat with truss rod sheared off in the nut. Its an American std with walnut ring etc . So I've got the nut out but the washer it bears on won't budge , so I can't use a SM rod saver to bore out more wood . I'm thinking I may need to drill away the area where the rod enters the anchor block to free up the rod , then pull the anchor and poke the rod out . Thats all I can think of that doesn't involve obvious woodwork . Any comments ? I think I could salvage the anchor and redrill & tap for a new rod .

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That washer WILL come out. You just have to persuade it properly. I ran into the same issue and solved it by using a 1/16"-wide micro-dogleg chisel. I just went around the circumference of the hole and created a very little more clearance for the washer. Once I was sure I had enough, I used a 1/16" drift (punch) and beat the daylights out of the washer, rocking it from side to side until it popped free. Followed up with the Stew-Mac tool and no messing with that anchor! I made a new plug from a fat walnut dowel. 

Ok so now its possible , I have the little chisel and already used it to gouge out the stubborn walnut ring . I think one of our members has the stew mac tool and sent it to me another time . Mark did you know fender sell the walnut sleeve ?Thanks for your help .

Fender does sell the walnut plugs.

Yes Scott I know about the plugs , thanks . I ended up drilling through the skunk stripe at the anchor , and right through the rod , then a small hole in butt end so I could poke out the rod . Fender don't sell a rod so I used one that I had , the old rod was peened into the anchor so I drilled out the remains of it and ran the new rod straight through the anchor , the new anchor was routed into the butt of the neck . All worked fine , with no special tools .


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