Hi all.

I have been playing acoustic guitar for years,

and now would like to try some electric.

I have a cheap Strat copy that is OK at best,

but I would like to buy a decent electric,

but am torn between a Stratocaster and

Telecaster. In your opinion, which is

better, Strat or Tele..?


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why limit yourself to a strat or a tele? go and play some semi-hollow gibsons, gretch, and rics....the necks are all so very different, as is the sound....then make your decision. you can't go wrong with any of them. thinks i would take a strat over the that the tele.

it's sort of like...."ginger or marianne?"
I agree, go play as many as you can. On the humbucker point, for the brief time I worked for Lorenzo German at Klein Electric, the humbucker of choice was the Joe Barden duo tone. This would be tapped so the choice for hum or single coil was available and then of course multiple combos of pickups. There was one that I worked on that was two hums as above with a 3 position (each alone and then combo) and a blend knob wired for position 3. It was pretty damn flexible and the pickups are amazingly clean. With the new incarnation of Joe Barden pickups I'm sure the wait will be greatly reduced from what it was.


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