I have a Guild Starfire 12 string (semi hollowbody, 3 piece laminated neck) that I have recently set up with a few string changes (.010 -.046} to suit my playing preferences. I gig regularly and keep the guitar at concert pitch (A440).

The guitar is set up and plays perfectly; in tune and the intonation is almost spot on (for a twelve string)!

As an after thought, I have checked the overall string tension using the online Stewart Mcdonald string tension calculator which has given me a calculation of 107.97 kg.

My question is, is this a reasonable figure and within any guidelines or parameters for such a guitar or is it possibly excessive and likely to cause any issues in the future?

Thank you.....Brian

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Hi Brian! You should be golden; .010-.046 is not very heavy for a 12-string set, and new Guild Starfire 12s ship from the factory with that set by spec (Specifically: D'Addario EXL150). Given that their factory spec is that set, I'm sure you'd find that if you have critical warping of the neck then you'd be able to exercise your Lifetime Warranty (I'm assuming this is a new Guild and you are the original owner). If you need further assistance on this point, I'd recommend contacting Guild's customer support for more info.

Hope this helps!

"All" 12-strings will eventually collapse due to the string tension. It is only a matter of time :-)

Just play and don't worry. If you worry, you can always tune down and use a capo. That will decrease the string tension.

Cheers Guys,

I’d never seen that string tension calculator before (found the link here) so just thought I’d give it a try and check out the result.

I just love something new to worry about!! :-)

i wouldn't worry.

it's old cheap 12-string flattops that collapse over time, your electric guitar will be fine.

the main thing is to keep the neck adjusted to be properly straight, if it spends years and decades in a bad upbow it might not want to straighten out any more. otherwise don't give it a second thought


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