Just come across a Stromberg-Voisinet Keykord tenor uke. It's not in great shape, the body was badly repaired and needs some disassembly and tlc. I know that I am capable of putting it all back together as it should be so it can be enjoyed for years to come. However, it is missing the cover to the keypad. I've trawled the net looking for spares all to no avail, does anyone out there have a cover in a cupboard or on a shelf?  Or even know of a supplier of such items. If you are wondering what on earth I'm on about here's a link to a picture.


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Steve, I have one apart on a bench in the other room. The parts are impossible to come by short of buying another. I host Facebook's KayKraftGuitars site, and there are a few photoessays on these 1920s KayKraft built baritone  ukes. Contact me on Facebook and I will shoot some info your way. By the way, I have not yet seen or heard of one that does not need neck reset. With these axes, if it needs a reset, it will not work at all. Just so you know. Did you get a case with yours?

No case, but the neck seems fine - to my eyes anyway. There was damage to the body and poor repairs to a number of cracks in the body. I've repaired the cracks and taken off the layers of varnish that someone had given it over the years. The rest of it seems sound, I bought it because it was interesting and up till then I'd not seen another. I'll be in touch via Facebook latter. Cheers Kerry.

Here is a photoessay, mostly stolen from Musiguria

Thanks for that Kerry. Mine has the more conventional guitar shaped body and does not have, what looks like, the MOTS veneer on the head. Had to rub mine back a bit as a previous owner had covered it in a gummy varnish and looking to stain it a red/brown colour, and a lighter pale oak shade for the neck.

 How about some pictures for me Steve?

Sure Kerry I've taken a couple for my own reference and will add to them as things get done. Don't expect too much I'm no David Bailey! 

Well Kerry. As the long Summer holidays have started I thought I'd better look at the uke. I thought I'd got the body work all water tight and it just needed staining and finishing. Nooo! For  whatever reason the sides have split about 3/8 of the way round from almost the heel to the back of the body. No sign of impact, so I can only put it down to the stresses brought about by re-gluing the back coupled with the unusually, for GB, high temperatures. Anyway the glue pot is warming as I write and I shall be off to try to repair the damage latter today.


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