Suggestions for a laminate router for universal binding jig?

I've decided to bite the bullet and get a universal binding jig, like Stew-Mac's. Any suggestions on a good laminate router that would fit, is easy to adjust, and won't break the bank? Any pros/cons to either StewMac's or LMI's jigs, or are there others available? Thanks in advance.

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Larry i have the stewmac one and use a Rigid lamninate router from home depo, it has easy adjustment for depth and speed as well. i like it just fine, it was 99 bucks
I have a home-made one along the lines of the StewMac rig. I use a porter cable laminate router. I am not so crazy about the depth adjustment. It is hard to set, but once it is set, it holds the depth well. Also, I had to drill mounting holes in the carriage (which I bought from StewMac) to mount the router. It was about $100 from home Depot.

I also have a really cheap Harbor freight laminate router. It is abysmal to adjust the depth on, and I have to use a big hose clamp to keep the depth from drifting, so I haven't tried to use it for this purpose at all, and I think maybe you shouldn't either! But it is fine for flush trimming. It was about $30.
Hi Lary- I have syew mac;s binding jig and I use a makita trim router that I had a long time before I got the jig
Had to do some fancy drilling to the router base before it would work on the bass to the jig but the adjustment
is infinite and ease yo use.
since my cabinet making days are all but gone from my life I just keep the router attached to the jig base.
Hi guys. Thanks for your inputs. After looking at available models etc. I've pretty much decided on a DeWalt laminate router as it seems to be good compromise between performance and price. I have a coupon from Harbor Freight for their trim router for about $19.00, but after looking it over I decided to save my money for something that might actually last for awhile. I like HF for lots of my tools, but their router looked like it was underpowered and hard to adjust, as Topher has pointed out. Now I've got to get a letter off to Santa....


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