The upper bout seems very large in the cut-out area.  I will appreciate your opinions on it's appearance.

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hey Jack-- if you bent the sides of this build it seems to me that you can re shape the cut out if you wish.

if you have the other 1/2 of the form then you can compare it with what you have so far....

When I make a cut away I use the whole form and just make the cut out the size I wish -- if you know what I mean...

best to you in your build..

Peace, Donald


Hi Donald - Thanks for respondong.  I know exectly what you mean, that's how I did it on other guitars.  I am just looking for comments on the appearance to determine if it's necessary to re-do it.


 Have you though about fitting this into a case? It seems pretty wide across the top bout.  

Yes, I decided I would probably have to go with a gig bag.  Do you think it looks strange (ugly)?

Personal opinion?... Yeah, it looks unbalanced to me. The first thing I pictured was Jimi Hendrix playing a right handed Fender left handed ( with the long point on the bottom.) Given how acoustically inactive this area of the top usually is, I've often wondered why so many makers trying to hang on to the small bit of top left over after the cutaway. I know that some makers simply shorten up the bout rather than make a long point or curve. The guitars look different but that idea makes sense to me too if for no other reason that it looks easier to build. Sort of like the Florentine scroll on an F style mandolin. Beautiful when done well but what a pain in the butt to make. ( I actually think the 3 point mandolin body design can be as pretty and not nearly as much work.)

On the other hand... what do I know. If you like it, go for it.

I concur with Ned. Unbalanced. The first thing I thought was: half Danelectro / half Drednaught. Maybe the world needs one?

Jack-- until case makers start to make cases to fit "odd size boxes" we are kind of stuck to sticking to standard sizes.

HOWEVER-- You can also make a case to accomidate  any size box that you want to--

I make an acoustic electric guitar of my own design and I also make a case to fit it..

like I said before-- good luck with your build..

Peace, Donald 

Cedar Creek will make a custom case for any guitar.  I just had one made for a Nick Lucas Special  - the early version with the round lower bout that was 4-3/4" thick.  Fits perfectly

I agree - unbalanced. 

Good luck

Ed Minch

Thanks for all your comments.  Everyone seems to agree with me that it looks wierd so I'm going to re-do that side.

I managed to reform it without completely re-doing the side.  I guess it's acceptable now.  Comments?

Jack, Maybe I'm just stuck in tradition but it looks much better now. 

Thanks Ned for the encouragment.  I've analyzed it so much I don't know what I'm looking at any more.


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