I wonder if you ever try instaling a Trem-Setter on a Floyd-Rose. I have a Godin wich is quite buzzy even with a good set-up and fret levelling, maybe this accesory might help on that. Also would help to finish your riff if you break a string, so they say, anybody experience with this?

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Don't bother, I still can't work out how they work (in the context of what they are supposed to do). They will not hold tune if you break a string. Please feel free to enlighten me if anyone knows something I don't regarding these things.
I think I'll pass on this, thanks for the insight, I have to admit to be skeptical so I'll wait for a request, thanks Russell
Over the years I have installed MANY different ones, but I have only found one that works well. Its called a Tremol-No. It’s a EZ install too.
Only one real option if you ask me. The Goldo Back Box. Works as you would expect, and its an easy install. Not for sale here in the states but you can order it from . Sometimes you can find them on e-bay but they are pricey.


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