I have one of these I'm working on, an F-97, with 11-88 also written in.

The problem I'm having is accessing the truss rod nut with the tools that Santa Cruz states on their website. the tools they list are a 3/8" deep well socket, 3" extension, ratchet handle, I'm using 1/4" drive tools.

The truss rod hole and nut are high on the neck block, and the lateral brace forward of the sound hole is in the way to get a straight on shot at the nut. The socket won't grip the nut properly unless it's straight on the nut.

Anyone else had this problem and have a solution?



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Most of the time I use a regular depth, not the deep socket.  On a 1/4" drive, it generally works.  Otherwise, an extension with a "wobble" drive, or a flex drive will do the job.  I don't recall ever needing a deep socket.

Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply.

So far I've tried everything, deep well socket, regular socket, flex drive too. Nothing seams to grip the socket well enough to turn it, but I'll keep trying.

The problem is the lateral brace forward of the sound hole is preventing the socket from getting a straight shot onto the nut, the socket is a bit on an angle to get a grip on the nut because of the brace. The nut also seems a bit shallow too, to get a good grip on it.

If I cut or filed a slight notch in the brace I'm sure I could then get a straight on shot with the socket and extension, but I don't want to do any modifications if I can help it.

My first job on a Santa Cruz guitar and I'm not impressed. Definitely a poor design for truss rod adjustment, hopefully later guitars have been redesigned.



Sorry, I wrote "flex drive" when I meant that sort of universal joint you can plug in between the extension and the socket.  Do a quick Internet search for "wobble drive extension" to find the kind that will allow the deep socket to get in there directly (I hope).   

Right, universal joint, I have one.

Anyway an update, I've solved the problem. I was able to get the nut off. It's a shallow brass or bronze nut and hard to get a good grip on it to tighten, but I was able to loosen and remove.

Then I found a 5/16" Gibson adjustable bullet nut would fit the threads. Now that nut is deep and I'm able to get some torque on it. Problem solved by using a Gibson part. Not sure if this will be adjustable with the strings installed, but looks like I can access and tighten with the strings off.

Definitely the worse truss rod adjustment system I've seen on an otherwise quality instrument.

Thanks for the help Frank.


Now the nut ( replaced with a  5/16 Gibson bullet truss rod nut) can be adjusted through the sound hole with the strings tuned to pitch.

The original nut was shallow and very difficult to get a socket on properly.



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