A customer brought in an X series Martin dreadnaught that seems like it had never been humidified at all.  I'm shocked that the top hasn't cracked.

The top at the bridge has sunk considerably.  I didn't measure it, but it looks like it's about 1/8" below the sides, rather than being slightly convex.  

I've humidified it for 24 hours and now its sunk less, but it's still not arched the way it ought to be.  Anyone ever faced this before?  I'm not sure how to address this, or if I even should.

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Yes, you should address it. It will take a week or more of humidification. Water seems to leave wood cells much faster than it enters.

 Greg Mirken

Thanks, Greg. I will just be patient with it, then, and see how it's looking in a week.


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