Univox dread... double courses on D and G. any thoughts?

I've got a customer with an old univox dread. He wants to put octave strings on for the d and g. There seems to be enough room for a couple more tuners on the paddle headstock and maybe enough room to put the partial row of bridge pins in.. 

Just curious as to how ya'll might go about doing something like this.

I'm not sure why the saddle is the way it is... all of the crown points are on the front half. I've never seen an abomination like this... whoever did this probably should have plugged the slot and put it in the right place... but they didn't.

anyway.. I'll put a couple pics up  shortly.

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My reply was supposed to be funny, but seriously, I couldn't charge anything like €1000 for this job, maybe half that amount due to the custom nature of the job. It'd be interesting to know what people in other parts of the world could and would charge for a job like this. Here in Germany, quality awareness is at an all time low, in every area of life. The only thing that counts here is the price, the cheaper the better.

Well this guy seems like he has a decent understanding of what goes into this sort of thing.. The first guy he pitched it to was going to pull the neck and make a new, wider one!! Imagine what they would charge for that! Still... I don't see him being very happy about a thousand dollar labor charge.

The guitar already had a barcus berry in it.. So i did have to drill the hole in the saddle slot but didn't have to ream through the end block.

If I charged him by the hour it would be $180 bucks. I like the guy and hes probably going to bring me a bunch more work if I treat him well.. I've written up a slip for 25% off the total.. or $135 USD.

I'm sure I could probably get away with a lot more.. and I sort of feel like I didn't really make enough on this.... but it really wasn't all that hard... just unusual, yanno?

I make $250 on a refret in half the time.. oh well.


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