I don't want to keep clogging up the forum with posts like this but, this seems to be the best place for info on this stuff.
The tuners are the 1969-1974:
Now a double lined "Gibson Deluxe" "D-169400 PATENT NO." There is a little rust here and there but over all I would give them an 8 out of 10. They have all the screws and bushings with them.
The tail piece is a ca. 68 feather weight. I took to to Ed and silver strings maybe 6 years ago and he told me what it was. Its not in great shape but it could be fitting for a restoration and it does come with the anchors.
And for those keeping track of the Les Paul Recording copy I am making it looks like I will be making the pickups. I am building a pickup winder now.

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try a completed auctions search on Ebay.

anything is worth what someone is willing to pay I guess,

69-74 is not REALLY old, so it won't be silly money but I guess a restorer might pay more than the new equivelents from stewmac. how MUCH more? not a clue!!
Yes, Ebay is the the place to check for values.
Or, if you don't see anything like it, and you really want to sell, just list them on Ebay, you will get what they are worth, I'm sure.

I checked ebay and the net but still was not getting a ballpark figure on it. I don't expect to make much off of it but , it's good to know what you have.
Thanks for the help!
I was looking at some of these at my local shop for my project, after finding a complete set the store keeper quoted me $5 a piece.


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