I was just about to buy a Safe-T planer and now it looks like they are discontinued? Bummer..... I remember a thread on here comparing the Wagner to a cheap knock off, everyone seemed to be of mind that the knock off was an inferior product. Has anyone purchased this item? I'm curious, as this seems like my only option other than ebay, and I'd like to see if it was as bad as people made it out to be.......

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Thanks, but I tried that. It says "discontinued" right after that, same with LMI. There is 1 on Ebay, but the last few auctions have fetched a pretty penny ($200-$400!!!!). Looks like I'll probably give the knock off a try, just hoping to get some feedback from someone who's used it on guitars.

Apologies to Cyrus, you're right... it looks as though everybody has dropped them. The reason given is that the owner/manufacturer has retired.  

With a tool as good as the Safe-T-Planer, I'd bet it won't be long until they're being remanufactured by someone who buys the company or the tooling, assuming it's all for sale.  Can't keep a good tool down:)

If you can get an original by hook or by crook, the accessories (spare cutters, grinding wheel, etc.) are still available at some places... here's one:


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