I have what appears to be a typical Washburn parlor guitar from 1910 to 1920.  It is about a single O size, with the typical Washburn truncated pyramid ebony bridge.  BRW sides and back, and a single diagonal brace, with the rest of the braces ladder.  It has the number "6317" ink stamped on the neck block.  Stamped into the end of the peghead is "U.S. CRANE".

Anybody know what this is about?

Thanks, George

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Pictures please,

More pictures


Okay, here are the pictures.  One of the previous owners must have had a heavy duty western belt buckle.

The original bridge was split in front of the saddle.  I made this one, but it looks very close to the original.

Thanks again, George


OK, I don't know anything and there is no one here who can argue with me.

I posit that this guitar was on the USS Crane which was commissioned in 1919. Perhaps it was ordered direct and mislabeled at the factory or mislabeled when it was put into the ship's inventory.

Or it belonged to Ulrich Samuel Crane. The guy with the belt buckle.

Joshua, liked your comments.

Great detective work on the USS Crane, and the time period is about right.  This is one where I'll probably never know, but it seemed worthwhile to ask.


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