There is a very cool decal service run by Gus Salmon (  He makes water slide decals.    If you can send him an accurate same sized image he can make just about any guitar gead head decal you might need.  Probaly other things too. 

He made a beautiful National Guitar logo decal for me that is dead on perfect.   Nice fast service too.  Well worth the money for what you get.   

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Isn't that Illegal?

Hopefully not.

Thanks for posting this - Gus looks like a great resource!

does he have a website?

Not that i know of.

I occasionally make exceptions and take on rare projects. Dave asked me to help him so I did a1 off decal so he can finish his restoration. I don’t have a website because my work is my personal art. I specialize in water slide decals and do this for a very selective group of friends and collectors of vintage bicycles.


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