Can someone tell me who made this parlor guitar?  See the image.

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It is almost identical one I bought years ago and is still in the workshop. Mine is a apparently made by Regal and was a catalogue guitar for  Spears possibly. 

My guess is a Lyon and Healy from the 20's. maybe.

Looks much like a Bay State parlour guitar I worked on some years ago - circa 1890.  Some of them had a star inlay in the headstock like the one you show.  Surprisingly loud instrument given it's small size.

The Bay State guitars often had a lyre logo impressed in the front of the peghead, about where the star is on your guitar.  The bridge, if original ,looks much like the typical Bay State bridge.  Lyon and Healey / Washburn bridges are almost invariably the truncated pyramid form.  The earlier L&H / Washburn peghead slots were squared off, while later on they were rounded.  All of the Bay State guitars I have seen had the rounded slots.  The  later L&H / Washburn guitars often had a single diagonal brace.


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