A question after some 5 years of absence on this magnificent site, great to be back!!

I bought the StewMac router bit set here in Europe (no import taxes) only to find out I've been stupid again...

My router is made to fit 8 mm shanks, and not 0.25 as the StewMac router bit has...

Been searching the web, have contacted Madinter (the retailer) and Bosch (manufacturer of my router... and only then I remembered

If there is any community that could help, it would be you.

So: what router (machine) do you use for bits with o.25 inch shanks, or: how do you fit 0.25" into 8mm??

(Feels like: how to fit a square peg into a round hole, sorry)

Thank you for your time!


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If you go to you will find a reducing sleeve which will do what you want. 

Just be aware that it isn't normally regarded as best practice,  and should be considered a "stopgap" measure. 

Thank you Murray, it could work... if only the length wouldn't be 66 milimeters ( minus 20 mils. that would go into my router) lowering the bit still 44 milimeter... Hope you don't mind me waiting for other input
best of luck to you!

Bart, I think you have picked up on the wrong tool. Having read your post on your other thread it would appear that what you looked at was the 8mm to 1/4" collet extension ... that is not what I intended to suggest. Apologies for not putting up the actual URL before, but I will do it now.

What you want is this collet sleeve reducer, 8mm to 1/4", which is a lot cheaper than the collet extension which I think you were looking at.. It is also only 25mm overall length.

btw, 1/4" routers are very far, very far indeed from being obsolete in Europe . Every woodworker I know has a 1/4" router ... I don't think I know anybody who has a router with an  8mm collet fitted as standard.

Thank you verry much, Murray!

I"ll give it a good look

the problem is solved Bosch HQ didn't even now they sold the fitting collet. Went to a diy-store and asked what was included with a new router. There it was, and they had a spare in stock.

Any trim router made for the U.S. market will take 1/4" bits. Bosch, DeWalt, Porter-Cable.

Either of these two Bosch units should do:


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