I have a 31 year old custom guitar, a Shanti built by Michael Hornick. It’s an incredible guitar but it’s been strung up for its whole life and needs a minor trussrod adjustment. The rod adjusts at the front, under the fingerboard extension and through the head block and has a nut that appears to be welded to the rod (not an Allen bolt). Is anyone familiar with these? What size nut? Is a socket adequate or should I get a purpose built adjuster? If the latter, which one?

PS: Mr. Hornick disappeared from public presence over the years. Does anyone know if he’s still around?

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I may be misinterpreting your question, but the statement about it adjusting at the front under the fretboard AND at the head suggests you might be misinterpreting what you’re seeing. Apologies in advance if I’m reading too much into that.

One end of the rod will be fixed (the welded nut you’re seeing), and the other end should be where you’ll find your adjustability. Getting some light in there and getting a good close look should tell you what tool you need. If this sort of adjustment is indeed new to you, best to do lots of reading up on it first and proceed cautiously.

I didn’t describe this completely. The truss rod is anchored at the headstock and adjusted from inside the guitar body. There’s no cover or opening at the headstock. The difference between this one and the many I’ve adjusted before is the hex nut instead of the more typical Allen key socket. I’m just interested to know if anyone’s worked on one of these and what wrench can be used to adjust it. I’m going to try sockets from my workshop set but the wrench handle won’t fit inside the guitar. It may require a thin-wall as well. 

any info would be appreciated.  


Found it, I think! From Frank Ford’s



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