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I wouldn't usually dump on a major manufacturer but this has just gone way too far out of whack.   Well known Spanish maker has apparently changed the way they do business and this brand new gem was sent to us from one of the stores for evaluation and repair.  

Just watch out for them - its a biggish job to put this right and if one comes your way don't quote until you have looked under the bridge.  This one has a 1 to 1.5 mm trench cut in the top and maybe an expanding poly sort of glue just dotted in a few places.  Geez.


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Yep, that's  correct;   my observation was that the pre existing trench and glue job which was done during production was not a satisfactory procedure for an expensive guitar.   And, without being precious about this, it's not satisfactory on an inexpensive guitar.   These are things that are creeping into modern guitar making which both damage the reputation of once fine makers and disappoint customers.




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