Last summer I bought a Yairi Y1000 classical guitar at a garage sale that was in pretty decent shape at a great price. Just had to clean it up & put a new set of strings on it & it sounds pretty good. I've tried to find out a litlle more about it but no luck. I'm not sure if it was built by S. Yairi or K. Yairi, or maybe even another of the multiple Yairi family members. Also, the Olympic ring rosette leads me to believe that it might have been built around 1972, the year the Winter Olympics were in Sapporo, Japan. See the pictures

Anybody have any info?

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Are you familiar with the Classical Guitar Forum? You must introduce yourself and post a couple of messages to join in, but it seems to me that I saw a discussion on Yairi guitars that was pretty comprehensive, This site is at:

There is also a Gruhn website that will answer questions on vintage guitars. I have a 1972 Alvarez Yairi guitar that I bought new in '72. It's aged beautifully.

Thanks Jerry. I'll check it out. As you can see, there hasn't been a lot of info flowing on this one.


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