Greetings all. I am a longetime lurker/first time poster here. While mostly a hobby builder
I recently did a neck reset on an old Yamaha FG-260 (it was very cold in WNY that week) It was a $10 special that I figured might be a fun project someday. After wrestling the neck off everything went as expected. Even replaced the spruce bridgeplate with a RW one. Now I am trying to track down a source for tuner parts. Perhaps someone here knows of a source or even has some in their parts bin and are willing to sell? I've attached a pic of the style I am looking for.

Thanks to all who contribute here. It is such a great wealth of information.


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You've done the hard work. I would get a couple of sets of inexpensive die cast machines and string the bad boy up. these look about right:

I just googled "amazon tuning machines" and these read my mind.

I might have some pieces for those old machines, but there is a reason why they ended up in the "Junk Machines" box.

Hi Joshua;

Thanks for the reply. But I'm thinking those tuners won't work as this guitar is a slot head.  Originally I thought I would rob some parts off of some of my leftover tuner bits but it seems Yamaha has unique tuners. The arms that hold the spiral shaft have a width just slightly larger than anything I have. I have searched ebay and Google and came up with nothing. Stew-Mac has something that may work but I recall them being in the $50 range. Tough to justify on a $10 beater. Those $15 guys looked perfect if only...

Thanks again. 


I'm now officially embarrassed. The first time,... today. I'll look through my stuff but I'm not hopeful.

That being said, perhaps you'd like to add to the project and fill those slots? I've always felt the steel string slotted headstock is cruel and unusual, certainly so on a 12 string..

Those machines I found are so cheap, it might be feasible to drill a hole through the middle, or the appropriate place to have the string take off appropriately. No matter what, it will be a pain in the patoot.

Little update

Joshua, your suggestion got me thinking and I believe I found tuners that will work and fit the price range!

I tried one similar  that I have on hand and it fit. I will have to fill some screw holes but that's no problem. Two sets give me 6R and 6L.


thanks again



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