My first self-built guitar is now (finaly) finished! It was a long and sometimes troublesome, hard way but I mannaged...

I have to stay fair: I didn't built the neck, nor the bridge: those I recycled from the "Morris" guitar I once sat on...


First a pic of the damaged guitar that I used as example:


Info on what damage this guitar had, is in my older blog(s).


Here is my #001:

As far as I know, this body is 100% "Beech" (I used an online translator to translate the Dutch "Beuken", it is Fagus sylvatica L., family: Fagaceae.) As I wrote before: I didn't make the neck nor the bridge: those were "left over" after dismantelling the "Morris"...

The back:


A closer look on the top:


The sides I made out of 3 pieces...



I know: this is still verry far away of beïng a Masterpiece... I made a lot of mistakes and wrong choices, but: I had fun building this instrument and (equally important) I am still having fun playing it...

(The strings I use on this -classical- instrument are "Hannabach, Silver Special, medium tension -not that they pay me for that info!-)


During this build I also (tried to) repair some '60-ish guitars (a "Famos' -not Framos!- and a "Suzuki", both accoustics) and by the time the latter goes back to it's owner, I'll start building a Flamenco... That job will include a self made neck and bridge.


Questions/ comments? Thats what this blog is for, just leave them as a comment!


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