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My finished no. 001

My first self-built guitar is now (finaly) finished! It was a long and sometimes troublesome, hard way but I mannaged...

I have to stay fair: I didn't built the neck, nor the bridge: those I recycled from the "Morris" guitar I once sat on...


First a pic of the damaged guitar that I used as example:


Info on what damage this guitar…


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Morris (classical) Neck-joint

Maybe helpfull... Morris model "205" dated 05-73, made in Japan

The back is off. The neck-block appears to be just glued to the soundboard an sides...

Neck and neck-block are connected by 5 dowels (??? excuse my english).…


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no blog, just pictures

Needed a place on the web to ,temporary, store these pics...

This is Mod E-3, nr: 0102124 by Guitarras Quiles.

Minor issue: the finisch in the corner where the neck meets the body (trebble side) has gone from transparent to "milky white": the finisch seems to be loose from the wood on that spot... (bad picture, I know)…


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part two

Update/ blog 2

It's not just difficult to build a guitar, it's also difficult to make an accurate progress-report...

There are so many stages in building, so it's easy to forget to “archive” one.

For those who wonder how I assembled the sides:

I cut 2 pieces off a “spare” sideboard, bent them to the right contour and making sure the grain of these pieces doesn't run parralel to the grain of the sides, for extra… Continue

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My first...

This is why I started "working on"guitars.

The picture shows my old “Morris” classical, that I once mistook for a chair (I sat on it...).

You can see the cracks in the top (most on bass-side), but there's more damage to it...

I was told that repairing this damage was a waste of time and money so I tried to keep this instrument as playable as I could. I just used a sports-tape (the kind that is also used by athlets) to cover… Continue

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