The Guitar Wall has just added it 30th wall... the Artisans Wall 2.

The original Artisans Wall sold out in July, 2008 in less than a month. A year and half later we decided to add the sequel. It's a limited-edition wall comprised of 18 exclusive, numbered wall spaces showcasing hiqh-end craftsmanship in the guitar world with the largest blocks available on The Guitar Wall.

With over 450 individually-owned wall spaces, The Guitar Wall is a highly engaging visual resource... often referred to as "One of the Great Wonders of the Guitar World."

There are six additional platforms supported by The Guitar Wall including Repair & Customize, Vintage & Dealer, Amp & Sound... and the newly redefined Endorsements Wall, showcasing the endorsement deals for guitar and bass players in the industry.

There's something for nearly every interest on The Guitar Wall including the recently completed 5000-block Front Wall, which is the original Guitar Wall and the homepage of the entire platform.

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