I found this on facebook and I thought it was a good Idea for using an old broken up rite bass --             what do ya think???

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Um, yep, Donald, it's a bit olde-worldly but, I prefer something like attached - two of my most favourite things:  beer and amps.


Hi Russell -I'm wondering does the server comes with the deal??

I remember someone working on a peltier effect beer cooler using the heat of amp tubes.

I'm enjoying this thread:   so, wrt the peltier effect I suggest that is an excellent example of bio-dynamic feedback: play guitar, beer gets cool, drink beer, play louder, beer gets colder, drink more beer, play better (to oneself), turn up even louder, beer gets even more frosty. Repeat.    Excellent.


Nothing says rock 'n' roll like crystal decanters! ;-)

Well you guys got me looking at instruments as furniture online. While it's not really part of the instrument family we deal with here, I found this to bring a whole new definition to he term "Brass Plumbing".

(Yeah, it might be photoshopped but I still got a kick out of it.)

Ovations would probably make nice sinks. 

Too bad you just can't get much single malt into a banjo.... ;)


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