A friend of mine has an old Strat style Silvertone that has a body that has cracked and lifted under the tremolo bridge. I was thinking about putting some tite bond with clamps and then blocking the bridge. it was pretty inexpensive but it has sentimental value to him. Here are the pictures.


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Can't access the images. Upload them in the post.

Sorry bout that

Titebond, super glue or slow curing epoxy can be used to glue the piece back. I would also try to reinforce the wood across the cracks with a couple of slanted wooden dowels or screws from the front side.

Good idea! Thanks


I usually use  2" nails slanted across the crack , one each side , drill their holes first and keep them under the coverage of the pick guard . Be careful not to come through the back of the body . These cheap copies are inherently weak and won't always last after repair .

Hi, my approach would be to replace the original loose piece with new timber. This would mean chiseling the Broken area of the body, clean and square, then preparing a new piece to fill the gap. I would create more gluing area by recessing an area from the edge of the hole, as wide as the filler block of timber, to somewhere near where the pickgaurd screw holes are.

The replacement filler block would be shaped so as to drop into the area being repaired but also let into the body on either side of the cavity. Screws could be used on the “wings” of the block if required. I hope this makes sense.



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