OK, guys, you know where that thread went.

I logged on a bit late today, and was disappointed to see that stuff here.  There's simply no need to snipe at each other, and if it isn't obvious by now, I'll continue to delete that stuff, and if necessary drop those who continue it.

If  you didn't read that particular thread, don't worry about it.  I did read it, and I must say that I found it not only offensive to our group, but basically unintelligible.

Thanks to J for the heads-up, by the way.

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Hello Frank,
We have never met. We have talked at least once. we have a common friend Judy Threet. I finally got to join this site and I hope to have some good discussions. I don't know what you are referring to in respect to snipping but i agree that if we are all adults here and many professionals that we can be civil and polite. In my experience there is more then one way to skin a guitar and although some ways might be better we are all improvising here. At least that is my experience. I tell people that being a guitar repairman is like being in the marines You are always improvising. No two repairs are ever the same. The more i repair the more I learn.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this forum.
Vic Farrell.
Frank, Thank you very much for removing that mess and putting your foot down. I had been hoping that you would do so for quite a while - it's events like this that have eventurally led me to abandon other great forums over the years but this forum is too good to loose.

There is a second necessary part of this clean up that I don't know how to do: That is removing the insults and other trash from our personal pages. I've tried to do it but I don't know how to erase them - if it's simply a matter of something stupid I'm doing please let me know and I'll do it. If there isn't an easy way for you as sysop to edit the pages them perhaps you could just wipe out all the comments and start fresh? Some folks might have more stored on their personal pages than they'd want to lose so you might want to warn first of any possible purge. But if that get's rid of the smut please feel free to wipe out my personal page comments at your earliest convenience.

Again, thanks for the great site and all the efforts you and others have put into it.

If I understand what you want to do, I think that you will find that each post on your home page has a small red "X" in the top right corner which will delete that particular post when clicked. In this manner you should be able to edit out any of the posts on your pages you want to remove while leaving any you want to keep.

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Feel free to take it somewhere else. . .

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At 12:53pm on July 29, 2010, Jeff Highland said…
Thanks for the support Rob. I have no idea what others said before the thead was closed, presumably supporting PAUL.
I just wanted to reveal what he is really like when crossed

well thanks Jeff highland but you insight hate over the internet and you have been caught .
OK crossed is total wrong to do ,Why would you want to cross someone aren't you a grown Man .Paul who means you no harm at all I am not even this guy Jeff s competition ,Why the very first post ever was Paul saying/suggesting I wanted to be friends with the guy Jeff and Rob Both and 68 discussions Jeff wants to publicly humiliate a person this is what I found copy cut and pasted from another friends page,Who I asked to be my friend I found this on Robs my friends page oops did i give you up to.I was reading the discussion from a past so I can solve a problem to improve my luthier skills and now that is two I have deleted from so called friends from my page it seams two people 1 in Australia 1 in America hating other people they have no clue of right Jeff. you will never see the post I deleted it is in my hard drive, and I also have a physical photo of the entire conversation of via digital camera a very clear one clear of all your intent that I am thinking of sending FF.Ill revile little because in the discussion you slammed John Roberts and Bob Venn when you brought in Roberto Venn and you sir would have offended a whole lot of folks here, if I had not erased your EVIL Viol terrorist attitude and I have also erased everything associated found to date that had any conversations with Jeff although I do have my copies from beginning to end Jeff Highlan is an Evil Person.I am going to go back to my business good day frets
Good day to you Howard (PAUL)
it has been a good 2 weeks .thank you mr j h .( It seems there are some who just don't get it.) especially people who never read the first conversation here concerning this subject.the chicken or the _.yep mr D you did make a nasty comment thank you for your newbie address .my r you are thinking to hard and have been misguided and probably do not have any negative bs on your page i can see am i a hacker nope i used to be for the CIA hacking into records from far off diplomat's so the rest of the world can sleep at night knowing i trained someone else even better than i was .and is known to follow a lot of my secret secrets .
You should stop taking whatever you've been taking, it's not good for you.........

Well - "Howard" - and the only reason that I can think of for the new name is so that you can't be blocked as "Paul" was - seems a round about way of acceptance. Anyway, you still don't understand the concept of evesdropping between conversations that were't provided for others to comment on them - or, if you want to be fair, please send me all of your accounts and passwords if you would. Secondly when all of the "Paul" comments were removed and selectively quoted above I wonder why the one that I truly objected to - the one challenging the time I had as an electronics tech and informing me that I "made everybody else on look like "assholes"" (still don't know why I was accused) wasn't provided for everyone to see?

It seems there are some who just don't get it.

Name-calling invariably makes the speaker or writer look like an angry fool, and serves no useful purpose other than revealing his/her weakness.

Kindly try to realize what you're saying before you post. It's really not all that difficult, you know.
"It seems there are some who just don't get it."

What do you mean by that?

(Couldn't resist)
At 10:48am on July 21, 2010, Jeffrey L. Suits said… Paul-

It's gone, and so it that nasty little fuckstick Daniel Newman

Seems that Jeffery L Suits is at the top of the "don't get it" list.
Thought you were gone, but here you are, back, spreading your sweetness and light!

That was not posted in this forum, BTW. Thanks, also, for helping to prove that my assessment of you, was correct.


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