I'm making copies of an 1890's 0-28, and a 1924 00-42.  They both have strips of 0.040 ivoroid in the sound hole rosette. The binding I have is the right thickness, but 1/4 inch wide.  I made a jig to hold the binding and then used a flush cutting router to cut away half the stock.  It worked, but made a terrible mess, and I lost half of the strip.  I then tried to make a jig to split it in half with an Exacto blade.  Terrible!!  I finally came up with this jig, using a thin Dremel circular saw.   I used a piece of oak scrap and glued two popsicle sticks to it, spaced 0.040 apart.  Then planed the popsicle sticks down to almost the 0.040. These are a guide for the ivoroid strip.  Next, drilled a 1/8 inch hole about 1/4 inch down from the top of the jig, and all the way through the oak.  The saw has a 1/8 inch shaft.  Turning the jig over, and using the 1/8 inch hole as a guide, I drilled out a hole for the blade, using a 1 inch Forstner bit.  You need to keep checking the depth of this hole so that the blade ends up centered between the two popsicle sticks.  I also added a small washer inside and out.   The only expense was $2.20 for a shaft collar that tightens on the saw shaft with an Allen wrench.  I added a small dab of grease to the shaft and the washers.  A lid over the popsicle sticks keeps everything lined up. The jig makes a very thin clean cut.  The cut can be varied by adding more washers.

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More pictures:


Hope I'm not re-inventing the wheel, here.


Nice job!

That is a very neat solution to the problem.  Must be very satisfying!

Slick, and simple - way to go!

Thats a nice little setup. Wouldnt take much to add adjustable fences and some dust collection.

Most excellent! This will come in handy.

Hey everyone,  Thanks for the positive feedback.  I did notice a typo.  The two popsicle sticks were glued down 1/4 inch apart (actually 0.260) instead of 0.040 apart.  The other problem that I found was that the saw blade I used was one that used to come as a standard accessory with a Dremel tool.  It has a blade that is blued steel, 0.006 thick, and has about 32 teeth per inch.  When checking at my local hardware and at Home Depot, I couldn't find the same saw blade.  I also tried looking on line, but without any success.  I found 2 more, similar saw blades in my dad's old box of Dremel accessories.  I hope that they are more available than that.

Here's what I found. A little pricey? I bought  Ripsaw Blade w/Mandrel Set, 1-1/4" Dia. #82-31222 to try. Will reply with what I know.

Hey Lee, The version that looks the closest to what I used is: WWW.VictorMachineryExchange,Inc with the 7/8 inch diameter blade, a...

Thanks Larry,  I had been looking under "Dremel saw blades" and missed all those. 


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