I'm having a hard time sourcing some wide/ low tack/ sign makers transfer tape like the stuff Frank Ford uses.

Anybody particular brand I should be looking for?


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I had trouble sourcing that too, even using the list of vendors Frank has on his .com site.  I've been using Frog Tape 'Delicate Surface'.  It comes in a plastic container which is said to keep it fresh.  I use it to tape on my tool guards to a guitar top when I refret etc.  Very low tack.   Tom

I buy it from Ordway Sign Supply

They have transfer tape in about any width you want.

I asked Dan Erlewine about his brand and he said TransferRite.

Thanks guys! I'll look into your recommendations.

Yep, TransferRIte is good stuff. I get the "high tack" variety of that sign makers transfer tape.  In their language, high tack is very low tack to us.  Their low tack won't stick at all to a shiny lacquer finish.  The local sign maker supply company gets it in 36" wide rolls, and slits it to any width we want as part of the normal ordering process.

Good info, thanks Frank!  Tom

Does anyone know of a source for a single 6 or 8 inch roll?  I found sources for the 48"x100 yd for way over a hundred dollars, but I'll never need that much!  

Greg, the diverts to  wensco, and they only sell it in the wide, 100yd roll


Works fine when I type it in. Here's the actual page for application tape; I get the standard grade "Pro Tape".

Thanks, Greg, it works when I click the link. Typing in the www address diverted me to another website..weird.

I wound up ordering a couple of rolls of 8" wide low tack from Ordway online. Just received it yesterday and it seems to have the perfect amount of tack for instrument work. 

Thanks again everyone.

sorry I'm a little late on this, but yes use the transfer rite.  don't use the frog tape, it leaves residue and can rip up finish.  its ok for a short time, but it will damage old finish, i know for a fact unfortunately.  i just went to my local sign maker shop and they sold me a roll.  i tried to buy some from a supplier but they want you to buy in bulk and a roll lasts a long time if you work by yourself.  plus its always good to meet your local sign makers, they were stoked to help me out actually.


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