Looking for advice on resetting the neck on an early 1980s G45. I am treating it as a Martin dovetail joint and am heating with the StewMac Weller solder station stick. It is not going. The fretboard expansion is free of the top, there is plenty of heat and I am applying steady pressure with a neck removal jig. 

Is this his not a dovetail joint? 

I reached out to the maker and have heard nothing back. Advice appreciated.  


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If you look at the video "Visit Gallagher Guitars" they appear to have a tapered dovetail , or tapered tenon , but who knows what glue ?

Thank you for directing me to the video.  It was indeed a dovetail and with a little more heat and steam it came off neatly.  Not only that, but I found it listed in the register of serial numbers in the video.  The page opened and there it was. 

so the heat stick did do the job?

you just had to what, pipe in more water?

Yes. The problem was opposite what I had thought. There was a wide gap between the neck end and mortise wall, and the heat stick was dangling in air not transmitting much heat. Adding water made the requisite steam in the gap and it went easily.


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