I was gifted several 1" x 6" x8' boards with the only identifier is the sticker shown.

I know there are a plethora of spruce / pine species that grow in the countries of Scandinavia but I am curious if anyone can venture a guess what the boards may be. I understand having a look with a loupe at the end grain ( that is smoothly cut ) is the best practice. Well seasoned and dry it was been indoors for probably 10 years based on what I was told.

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I think it’s some real nice white pine. But I’m no botanist.

Looks like pine - typical colour and knots.  Mostly flat-sawn (but can't tell about the one on the right) and from fairly small girth trunks.  Would probably make good bookshelves, but it doesn't look like instrument making timber to me. 

It would depend on what type of instrument you were building and what you were using it for.

Hi All, 

Its probably Pine, bearing in mind that Spruce and Pine can appear very similar. New cut spruce is generally lighter creamier than pine but they darken with age and as these boards are old. Surely there is someone out there who can wise us up?  

There are two types of pine grown in Sweden (excluding minor stuff), Scots Pine which is native and American Pine species which are introduced plantation timber.  I can't say with any confidence what it is from the images although it is a grab bag of flat sawn, in-between  and quartersawn (albeit with the heart smack bang in the middle of it) boards and the regions and growth rate varies widely as witnessed by the growth ring spacing from board to board.    

It also doesn't look like instrument making material to me with respect to soundboards (except for miniature Uke's) but what one does in the privacy of one's home is none of my business.   Please, Uke makers - that was a joke!   I remember well the last time I poked fun at Banjo players...apparently insulting the whole of Appalachia and then some.   Tiny Tim rocked.





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