I just finished my first 12fret dread. Adirondack top, Madagascar b&s with slotted head stock and waverlys with snakewood buttons. Jack picked it up Thursday.

 Jack and his new Bryce guitar,.

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oops, thought I had a better picture of the back. One without the reflection of the weeds.
Thats a very fine looking Guitar David for A fine Jentelman as well.Bill.''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Wow. I think I told you before that I'm a sucker for 12th fret necks and slotted heads. This looks great. I have a martin in this configuration and your guitar looks close overall ( well, actually, yours looks MUCH better.) but I don't think your shoulders are quiet as rounded as my martin. Is this correct?

Nice looking instrument David. How's the sound?
William, Thanks, and Jack is one great guy. He is also a very talented musician.
Ned, Thank you. I tried to split the difference on the shoulders so they weren't quite as round as traditional. I don't want to be be seen as copying any particular model, while not veering too far from whats pleasing to my eye.
Steve, Thanks to you as well. This guitar suprised me, and Jack as well. Jack never plays strings heavier than lights. Based on that I built this guitar with 1/4" bracing. I prefer tall narrow bracing to shorte rand wider. Its also hard to appreciate the quality of the top from the pictures but it is the nicest piece of spruce I've ever held( and at the cost it should be). This guitar just filled the room with sound at the softest stroke of the strings. With Jack picking fingerstyle, it made me proud.
All this said, I give the Lord the credit for any talent I possess.
What a beautiful and inspired object to leave behind. iHs
David, that is a very fine looking guitar. What sort of finish are you using, and how did you fill the pores. It came up looking very sweet. I am building my third guitar at the moment and I am starting to get some confidence with the building process - but I haven't really got the finishing sorted out to my satisfaction yet.
Mark, Thanks. The finish is nitro. I used a pore filler called CrystaLac. Its clear.I really like it.
I think you found a good path between a copy cat and a unique design. I particularly like the fleur de lis UNDER the nut It's a fun surprise. The inlay really looks nice. To me it's just enough "bling" for the guitar.



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