I just wanted to get some opinions on how you cut 12 string nut slots.  I cut them so each string in the pair clears the first fret by the same amount but that leaves the top of the strings uneven.  Players often ask for level string tops and although that feels nicer, it does cause intonation issues (to add to the other 12 string intonation issues!).  I also feel that it results in the high octave string potentially not fretting properly.

What do you think?


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Some intonation. 3 voices , 24 strings!

 I always figured you gotta mash a 12 string down hard anyway.

I agree with you.  Bottoms of the strings lined up.  Tops will be uneven - but you can't have it both ways. 

That's the way I see it too :-)

Thanks guys - much appreciated. 

I knew that I knew, I knew but when you work in isolation in the middle of nowhere, there's no-one to bounce your ideas off and I start to doubt myself :)


Hi Dave. 

Is Evesham in the middle of nowhere?  I thought that was where Australia was.  



I always consider Evesham to be the center of the Universe.  Evesham stands still while everything else  revolves around it.  Locals still point and stare when they see planes overhead!



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