If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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Really brilliant Martin! You need a strap? You could almost use it as a tie clip! Very, very cool!
Hey Martin- that lil thing has to be the greatest thing to come down the pike since sliced bread-- it looks like something that my son in law would think up but got to hand it to ya -- you got it first-- :) GOOD JOB---
I like that little guitar.....
Hello all,

This is a 30" baritone guitar, one piece walnut body, 2 piece walnut neck, stainless frets, my third guitar I've built.

Next time around I'm going to move the bridge p/u further away from the bridge. Proportionately it is the same distance from the bridge as a standard scale Gibson, it doesn't have as much bottom end as I normally like.

Looks good, Mac.
less is definitely more. I LIKE!!
Here is a set of FWI bridge pins I made with my CNC lathe. I wanted to learn CNC and thought would be a good first project as I live near the raw stock merchants.

Mike, those are beautiful!
Thanks very much.
wow! what model is your CNC? those are absolutely gorgeous.
Here's my latest thing...a short 24" scale banjo.. It has an integral Cocobolo tone ring and Cocobolo heal and pot cap.


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