If Frank says it's ok to post pretty pictures, I would love to see on-going and latest finished instruments here.

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Hello everyone! I forgot to add a caption to my post. These are two of my guitars. The acoustic has Indian Rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top. The solidbody is alder with a sycamore top, and flamed maple oil finished neck... ebony fretboards on both.
Ok I'm new to the forum & I'll play-
Two recent projects-
First is a dreadnought bodied bouzouki-guitar in GDAD tuning. Rather than the typical 8 string configuration, it has 4, which makes a more guitarry sound and allows faster flatpicking. It is not a re-jigged 23" tenor scale-it has a 24" scale, which is kind of between octave mandolin and full length bouzouki scale. I do this as it allows for a 20 gauge A string, which i prefer over plain steel. Mahogany body & spruce top. Has a big huge sound and its fun to see how long you can play with people before they realize you are missing 2 strings!
2nd is a custom doubleneck slide I recently completed for recording artist Pura Fe. She was looking for a very compact doubleneck she could carry on flights. This guitar is essentially two of my travel sized slide guitars joined at the hips. All in australian blackwood. Carbon fiber reinforced x bracing under the bridges. A 2 sensor 'pickup the world' soundboard system in it with pan & volume thumbwheel controls in the soundhole.
Sea to Sky Stringed Instruments
Well, here's my latest thing. Actually it is pretty much my only thing. It is my first guitar and with much thanks to Frank and the kind and patient people who replied to my many questions on this forum, I am quite pleased with this results. I have attached a few photos here, but if you have nothing to do sometime, I also took Frank's advice to photograph the process. I have a slide show on my web site that covers the entire two month adventure: If you skip to the end, you can even hear it being played by a very fine musician.

I know I used some pretty questionable methods to create this instrument, but I feel the ends justifies the means. I welcome any comments or criticism.

Thank you everyone who helped me achieve these results.

Doug Collins
The peghead shape is very sexy. That's the only word I can think of that fits. Nice job!
that is a very nice guitar!
Here's one I finished recently. It's an Italian spruce / cocobolo steel string.

Hey Doug -- glad to see ya finally "got er done" the only thing I can think of doing for all of the effort and work you put into it is-- ('''Y Y''') APPLAUDS----- I especially like that head stock design -- got some real "class" there--
Best to you in your next adventure--
Donald A. Fortune
Dallas NC USA
a pair of mandos.

cherry back & sides, Engleman tops, rosewood fretboards, mahogany necks. the mahogany & cherry was scavenged from the dumpster and a local builder's workshop.......


a pair of mandos
back & sides cherry, necks mahogany, tops engleman, fretboard rosewood. Cherry & mahogany salvaged from a builder's scrap box.......
heres a jumbo steel string in progress.. Sitka top and Ziricote back and sides. Been half way done for quite some time.. damn real job keeping me from it.
This is a semi-hollow commission for one of my regulars - its for his girlfriend and has her name inlaid on the peghead - birdseye maple top, faux binding, Sapele Mahogany body, quartersawn soft V maple neck, ebony board with abalam inlay, Gothoh and Tonepros harware, DiMarzio S'Distortion. It rocks.
here is mine to CHEERS wow #60


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