on the bench is a Takamine 12-string (EG523SC-12) that has the split bridge saddles and, hence, 2 piezo strips connected to the TK40 onboard preamp section. One of the strips (under e-a-d-g) got wet and corroded the strip, so now it's useless.

Anyway, the question is: does anyone know where I could get a short (4string) replacement for that strip, or (maybe better yet)... who is the manufacturer (Fishman or ?) for the whole Takamine TK40 assembly?

I've gone the factory route, and Kaman/Takamine tells me to order through a dealer, but none of the dealers I've spoken with can provide the "all-important part number", so it's been a catch-22.

All tips or hints appreciated....

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Just for clarification, here's a couple of pics showing the split saddles (it's the longer piezo, to the right, that's shot) and the Takamine TK40 preamp face. Each piezo has an 1/8th-inch male stereo plug that plugs-into the preamp.

In a worst-case scenario, the whole system is "takamine-proprietary" and built in-house, but I'm guessing that Fishman, B-Band or someone has built it for them, and maybe that company offers replacement strips.

If push comes to shove, maybe I can build a new set of piezo strips and mate them to the preamp? All thoughts greatly appreciated.

You might consider dispensing with the quacksticks altogether, and going with a soundboard transducer (s), directly into the preamp.
Hi Mike -- I just looked in the latest cat. from Stew Mac and on page 41 there are a few types of pickups that might do you and fix the problem that you have (item #4812) in particular is what Im trying to convey.
good luck and I hope you get it fixed to your satisfaction...
The Baggs I-beam (# 4812, Stewmac) can sound excellent, but they are EXTREMELY finicky about placement.

If I'm reading the OP's post correctly, there are two 1/8" jacks in the preamp. K&K would likely make a set w/2 1/8" plugs if you asked them about it. There's an ebay seller that offers knockoffs of the K&K system, and does advertise pickups w/plugs; I can't speak to the quality of this product, though.
Hi Mike!
This you are probably already aware of, but
you cannot match any piezo strip to the TK-40.
B-band or Schertler for instance, will not work.

Best is to order the part from Takamine.

Also, in my opinion, their proprietary electronics
are of high class and suites well their guitars.
Among the best if you stay with UST piezos.

If you go for a fresh solution, there is of course
the problem with the big hole left from the TK-40.
But I still agree with Jeffrey and Donald, maybe
adding that the K&K is also worth considering.

Hi Mike,
I don't know whether you can get an exact match, but Artec's web page includes 4-string and 2-string piezo pickups intended for split-saddle bridges. See ( scroll down)
I was also told that Fishman may be willing to make split-saddle piezo pickups as a special order - but I haven't confirmed this.
Cheers, Simcha.
Many thanks for all the input. The customer wants, if possible, to keep the system intact (he likes the sound) so I'll exhaust all possibilities of ordering the part from Takamine.... which hasn't been any fun yet. The next logical move would be to acquire the Artec strips -mentioned by Simcha- and try to mate 'em up to the onboard preamp, (yes, the TK40 electronics has a pair of 2 1/8" jack inputs, one for each piezo strip). If all else fails, the I-beam transducer might have to fill the bill.... provided, of course it can be "married" to the preamp.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks again...


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