Hi to everyone and best wishes for the season!

Can any one give me a few pointers? I've just had a request for a 5-string Acoustic Bass with tuning E-A D-G-C. I've been looking everywhere for a set of bronze acoustic bass strings, but the only 5-string sets I've found are for the B-E-A-D-G config. I've heard that the high C setup used to be used by jazz bassists, but I'm wondering what they would have used for the C?



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Hey Dave,

 You might be stuck having to get a 6 string acoustic bass guitar set and not using the low B. A quick search yielded this set:

Unfortunately, they are quite pricey! You could contact the company and see if they will sell that last string as a  single . Hope it goes well!

Don't know exactly what they carry, but is a good place to start.... here's a quick link to their acoustic bass guitar section...  I've always had good luck there and they're quite accomodating with 'special requests'.

As mentioned before, I went just the opposite direction with my latest electric bass... just finished it about 2 weeks ago and it's chillin' for a few months to let the lacquer set-up nice and hard. It's strung E-A-D now, but I might try out a B-E-A setup down the road.

Company's coming for a week so it's time to close up the shop for a spell. Happy holidays to one & all! 

Oh... Mike.... I don't no what to say. Is that you standing naked in the reflextion of the chrome?

Either way, that bass is "ballin'!"


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