I'm restoring a John Grey banjo ukulele and need an 8" low-crown head. The closest I've been able to find is a bongo drum head. It's 8", but it doesn't specify the crown height. I know I can re-skin the existing ring, but I'd rather have a ready-made one if I can find it. Any ideas?

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Evans, Remo etc. do a bunch of 8" drumheads but the crown may be a bit high. Probably worth a look, and if it's not going to work out you can always reskin the old ring.

Thanks for replying. The bongo head referenced above is a Remo, but I can't find specs for crown height. Maybe I'll just have to order one...

Drum heads have too big a mounting hoop.

Bob Smakula is the guy for Remo, either standard or odd-sized.  He has a special relationship with Remo and gets the sizes nobody else can:

He currently lists 8" in your choice of collar height.

Good to know!


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