Hey all,

I've been installing pickups for some people and when it came to removing end pins.. some just wouldn't budge...

When I twisted them with pliers over a cloth, the pin would just break off and the rest still stuck in the hole.. I tried to drill the hole out and that worked most times but sometimes it got hot the plastic pins melted around the drill bit!

and some of the old pins had this metal mesh around it that "dug" into the wood so that it couldn't be removed easily...

any tips as to how to remove stubbon pins more easily? Also what kinda tool would be the best job? I used pliers but the teeth always bit into the pins..

Thanks guys!

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sometimes they've been gl0000d in
I have never tried this but maybe you could try driving it out from inside.

If it is glued in just bore it out. Bore slow on plastic and it wont melt.

They need to be on tight as they take a bad time to fall out and the guitar falls DOWN !!!

driving it out like drill from the inside.?

it's a tad hard to feel around inside...
Stew Mac makes a puller. I have modified my knob puller on occasion. From the inside? A small turnbuckle and rod might push it out?
Drill them starting with a slim bit at slow speed, then increase the size of the hole.
I forgot! From the OUTSIDE. Otherwise, use a red hot point to pierce the plastic and then go with the drill till the right hole shape.
I have had good luck just using my wire cutters. I use a thin piece of wood between the guitar and the cutters, and spread them open enough to catch the pin, and leverage does the rest.... hasn't failed me yet! And they also make a good tool to do the final tightening on the cap that goes over the jack after you install the pickup.
"What's the best way to remove a tight end pin?"

.... why, oh why, do I have the feeling that this line will eventually find it's way to the "luthier jokes" section?!
The problem is that many people glue theirs in the first time it accidentally falls out. Even some makers glue them it. So theres no easy way when thats the case. left foot firmly against gluteus maximus L followed by right foot on remaining GM .Grasp
pin w/ largest pair of vise grips available.Oh yeah wear a mask and protective clothing.
YEP someone is gonna have a field day wiff dis one ---------


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