Has anyone had any experience building a resonator guitar? I am just finishing up my first acoustic & have a friend who is asking me to build her a square neck style resonator. Any feedback out there?

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Well Ron, maybe you haven't quite got the hang of the picture thing yet. There was no picture of the Walnut Robro & nut. You can try again if you like... the pictures have been great, but don't worry if you don't have time.
Thanks, Joey
Another try


It worked! I had to go back and read your instructions.

I think I have another piece of this walnut. I have a flitch that is 14 inches x 14 x 60 inches to cut. It is curley. Not the colors of this piece.
Wow, very nice curly Walnut. When you get around to cutting the other piece I'd be interested in seeing pictures of it. I'm rather partial to Walnut too, particularly Black Walnut when it has purple hues in it. Thanks again for the pictures.
I dont think it will be that rich with color. It has very nice small cerly grain but I think it will be more one color. Ti is off off a big tree and has been in a barn for 30 years.


Here is some more of my Robro fingerpicking with some out side and inside.

Hope I can send pictures.

I will try it again

A cucumber slice w/ a smiley face on it??? I figure I know you well enough by now to realize that's not really what you meant to send me (somebody else might try to pull a prank like that).
I am not having much luck sending pictures. This is the inside of a cucumber I once cut into.

Well Ron, you lead an interesting life. Thanks for the laugh. It's probably better than another picture of a guitar.
Barron Clarke ( is an Australian resonator builder of some repute who likes a good chat about his favorite 'hubcaps'....give him a call via the web/email and tell him Rusty sent you.
Hi all,
I am pretty much a newbie wanna be luthier getting into the game a bit late in life at 53 years of age but getting in finally regardless. Been playing guitar all my life and still perform professionally and now have a fully functional woodworking shop. I have built a few telecaster style electrics thus far but my primary interest is to build steel string acoustics, classical and hand carved arch tops but I am still getting my feet wet.

I have been asked by a friend to build him a square neck resonator and I wanted to go the distance with this as opposed to purchasing a kit as it seems like a good intro to acoustic guitar building albeit a bit less complicated. I purchased the Beard square neck plan and intend to use baltic birch laminate however the Beard plan calls for thickness' of 4.8mm for the top and back and 2.8mm for the sides. I don't know where to get that thickness baltic birch and it seems one would not want to thickness sand a laminate. Would a 1/4" top and back and 1/8" sides suffice? Additionally, I am assuming since I will be using a laminate that a (1) piece top and back are in order.

Thanks for any advice in this matter!

Hi Don & welcome :)

Since this is a dead thread (almost 4 years old) I think you'll get a much better response if you start a brand new thread/post for the info you need.

You definitely came to the right place.

Again, welcome and best of luck :)


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