Hello All,

I like to use CA glue, and you probably do too, but the fumes affect me a lot. I use a fan to blow them away, but what remains is enough to give me cold symptoms for a day. Have you got a solution?



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Only thing I can think of would be a respirator. Uncomfortable but should be effective. Have you tried GluBoost? Seems to be less irritating for me.

Hello Carl,

3M puts out a paper respirator that contains carbon (activated?) for removing "paint fumes". Testing it risks having cold symptoms for a day---I'm reluctant! 3M part number: #8577

Cyndy Burton uses what I think is an earlier version---3M #8247---for removing 5 minute epoxy fumes. She uses 5 minute epoxy for pore filling. She says that the mask is comfortable for hours of wearing---my experience as well for the Moldex #2730---N100 paper dust mask. I get a month or so of use out of a paper mask.

I find the Gluboost Fill and Finish to be a good pore filler, and would like to use CA in making rosettes. I think that I'm particularly sensitive to its fumes, and at 83 I'm also concerned about health issues...




I have a special movable point extraction ventilation with a wall mounted fan that push the air outside through the wall. I use it mostly for sucking out CA fumes, but also to get rid of small dust in the air from sanding.


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