Hi, I am getting an old guitar delivered tomorrow.

It was cheap, and I am taking it on as a project.

I am in no way a luthier, not even close.

But, I have some work to do on this one.

The main issue is a thin crack on the top

of the bridge, that runs between the 6 pin holes.

Can I just glue it shut? If so, what glue do I use,

and how do I clamp it? I will restring it with extra-

light strings, to decrease the tension once repaired.

The guitar is a Brazos model BA45.

It is from the 1980s, and is not worth paying

a luthier top-dollar to repair it. I am hoping I can

get it playable on my own.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hiya Arthur.

When the guitar gets to you, please post a picture of the crack so the experts can assess the issue and give you the info you need.

It's great news that you're going to do the repair on your own. You'll be amazed at the amount of repair stuff you can do to your own instruments.

We're with ya 100%, buddy :)



Hello, here is the crack..

thank you


the crack seems very superficial, it does not go through the whole bridge

I'd use medium viscosity CA glue, masking tape to cover around the spot and a couple of tissues inside the guitar.

Then some touch up and call it done.

Agree/  In a low value guitar this is just a cosmetic issue.  CA glue, and a bit of filling/shading with some suitable black stuff - like a black sharpie

thank you

what is CA glue though?

is that superglue (cyanoacrylate)?

You got 'er. Wonderful stuff when used in moderation.


do I need to clamp it?

or just fill the thin crack with CA?

is the gel version better than the thin liquid?

To clamp it you would need to remove the bridge first, and it would be a tricky clamping arrangement, assuming the crack would even close with reasonable pressure and stay that way. For this situation thats overkill. You want to use the thin viscosity here and wick it down into the cracks. The trick will be getting the crack wet enough without getting the glue all over the pin holes, or in the guitar. Perhaps wrap a little shiny packing tape around the bridge pins nice and tight and put them in the holes gently - ca wont stick to that stuff (thanks Russ). In your case Id say apply small amounts and allow it to absorb and dry a bit (half hour maybe?) and repeat until the crack stays wet with glue for a moment or two. That way you know the glue is at the crack where its needed and not just absorbed deep into the wood. Even if you dont make any mess you may need to touch up the pin holes with a reamer. If you dont know anyone with a reamer you can use, some judicious sanding with 320 grit wrapped around a bridge pin will let you sneak up on the right fit without blowing it.

My sincere compliments to Andrew for giving EXCELLENT advice & instruction to Arthur.

Andrew: you worded that so a guy at Arthur's skill level can successfully complete the repair.  All bases were covered.

Good work, man :)

Arthur: best of luck for a successful repair. :)

Thank you Paul!

baby steps with me, but this is a good start

I think I rescued this guitar from the possible scrap pile

this guitar has more life left in it, and it makes me happy

hearing it sing again


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