I need to but Oxalic acid,  and potassium permanganate, and need to know were to look. 

 I also  have to age some brand new largish nuts and bolts to fit with the age of these 80 year old Kay Krafts that I am constantly working on. I would imagine that they are chrome? Should I be purchasing a wire wheel for my cordless drill and clamping them into the vice and starting the process with that, or ...? 

Then a high concentration salt bath, or CLR or straight vinegar or .. what? Old and rust is key!

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Barkeeper's Friend is a cheap Oxalic acid option and stocked by most grocery stores.

$.50 off coupon here:

Borax can be used to neutalize the OA.

I've had good success in soaking metals in a hot vinegar/salt solution. Remove and dry as soon as you get the patina to prevent rust. BTW, boiling painted metal parts in a water/vinegar/salt solution will strip the paint off quickly. Do it on you deck or patio.

Another way is to fume the metal with muriatic acid (any hardware store or Home Despot). Put a yogurt container inside a larger Tupperware container. Put the metal parts in the larger container, pour acid into the yogurt container, and put the cover on the Tupperware. Leave about 20 minutes.

Thanks Robbie.

 I ordered the  Potassium Permanganate from the Canada Drug Superstore 1-888-595-1393 $ 20.00.  And I picked up the Oxalic Acid at Windsor Plywood In P G on Opie Cres  $10.00. Hope this helps. Just a little late.

You are in pg???

I went to the local tropical fish store and the owner put a bit of Potassium Permanganate in a zip-lock for me for nothing. If you need it fast.

No I am in Burns Lake but shop in PG


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