Hello, and thanks in advance for your advice.

What approach would you take to fix a terribly deformed plywood top with a plywood bridge plate?  The bridge lifted over the years, and a pronounced belly formed, leaving the top, under the bridge, quite sloped.  It is not a nice gradual slope.  If one were sledding on the guitar top, one would start at the back of the bridge footprint and slide to the front of the footprint.

The bridge lifted, and was successfully removed. The guitar is one from the 70's, the bridge has two bolts and an adjustable metal insert saddle.  The X brace has come unglued on the treble side near the bridge, where the deformation is the greatest.  The glue used has a white color.

I am quite reluctant to try to remove the bridge plate, as I am afraid the plywood top would come away as well.

Has anyone had success fixing one such as this?

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Thank you!

Elaine, now, this is a deformed ply top. Angry looking thing, but I loved the challenge.


I wonder what chord they were strumming when that gave way.  Well, at least it saved the time of bridge removal.

Nice job.  Did you inlay spruce under the bridge?



Taffy, those are great demonstrations of top repairs.  I was obviously way too pessimistic at the beginning of this conversation when I suggested that it couldn’t be fixed!  

Hi again, yes I reinforced the bridge plate and inlaid cedar infill.

Mark. You are right really, the job would not have been doable if the customer had not been prepared to pay the ridiculous cost of the repair, the guitar was hardly worth it. Hooray for sentimentality. 

Cheers Taff

Taff -

A spectacular job!




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