Hello All,

Since I live a mile from the Pacific, dehumidification is essential. Recently I've been getting around 3-4 years out of a compressor type dehumidifier before it fails, and isn't worth having repaired. I decided to try something different:

EcoSeb DD122EA-SIMPLE Desiccant Dehumidifier, 15-Pint, White, 120V---From Amazon, of course (;->).

I have been using one of these for exactly a year. I don't know how I could be better satisfied. It just sits there and silently does its thing, putting out more water than higher rated compressor types, and keeping my shop don in the low 40 percents RH. At $195 it's about $40 cheaper. The only moving part is a fan, so I'm expecting long life. I'll keep you posted.



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One mile from the pacific!! Now I’m jealous....

Hello Glenn,

Tim McCoy---classical builder in Palo Alto---came up for a visit last year. His son came with him, and brought his video camera equipped drone. If you go to this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a short video of me standing in front of my shop:

The drone then begins climbing to give you a view of the whole area, including the largest ocean on the West Coast (;->)...



This summer in Sweden is exceptional, very hot and humid. We have 80% humidity outside, my compressor type dehumidifier can't get it dryer than 50% in the shop. My next buy will be a desiccant dehumidifier, I will use that one and the old one as a backup if the humidity is as high next summer!

Hello Roger,

The half of my shop that is dehumidified is totally enclosed in 10 mil polyethylene plastic sheeting---floor, walls, ceiling, doors---everything. Otherwise you are trying to dehumidify the whole out of doors. Here is a link to photos of my doing that job:

I spent a year and a half renovating this old boat repair shop on our property, and it has been really nice to have a big shop!



I have a fan blowing air to the outside through the wall. With that fan off I get about 10% less humidity, but less oxygen in the room ;-)


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