Dept. of 'What Were They Thinking?': repair to Augustino flattop

I have been ask to repair this guitar: a '75/'76 Augustino(by Augustino Loprinzi) rosewood dreadnaught.  A nicely built guitar...with previous poor repair work.  Someone, while repairing an open top seam, sawed the seam wider to install a spline. They also sawed right thru the two tonebars, leaving them cut.

I don't see a good way to repair them without removing the back(but the value of the guitar does not justify that).  I might be able to 'sister' them, gluing thin strips on either side of each brace(and re-spline the top), but that seems so cobbled up. Has anyone replaced tonebars thru the soundhole?  Suggestions?  

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That looks like one of them guitars that came out of  Ationys work shop we sure have had a lot of trobels with them Instruments .If I had it I would take the back off and repair it right. Bill..........

Yep, that's what I think I'd do - patch those braces - they're not all that important for structural integrity, being between the bridge and end block.  Some instruments have been successful with no bracing there at all.  If you're reasonably careful need to feel bad about the quality of work  YOU do to correct a horror show like that one. . .

Seconded. Shouldnt be too hard to make the patch strips look well attended to with bevelled ends and sanded edges to blend into the contour of the top of the braces.

  I hope we are all having a good chuckle about these photos.  It really IS fun for us who don't have to fix it. Good luck with the repair Dave.

   I too am glad not to have to repair it. Do as Frank suggested. Your lucky they didn't use a chain saw on it.

Thanks for the replies!


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