Somebody asked me a question that I wasn't able to answer...

He noticed that in 12 string guitars the saddle is usually lower than in 6 strings.

I noticed this too. Is there a specific reason about 12 string geometry that supports this fact?

My 12 is softer than my 6... and I set low action on my guitars!

Thanks for answer.

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Perhaps it's because twice as many strings put twice the amount of side pressure on the saddle and increase the risk of the bridge cracking. Half the saddle height would bring the side pressure to about what a 6 string takes.
Saddle height alone is not relevant of string height. What defines strings height is neck angle, bridge thickness,saddle height, fingerboard thickness and fret thickness. In order to compare that kind of measurement, you would have to check the other parameters too. Maybe the neck angle is statistically shallower than on 6 strings to reduce soundboard bellying? Any experienced 12 string maker in here?
Are we talking about new or used guitars here?  If it's used, then a 12 string is more likely to have suffered from neck-angle problems due to the extra pull of 12 strings, and therefore more likely to have had the saddle shaved to adjust the action.
The guitar is a new Craviola 12 string made in Brazil by Giannini. But I noticed the same low action on many used and new 12 strings.

Many new acoustics, 6 & 12 strings, have horrible neck angles right from the factory. It's a byproduct of inexpensive guitars being made by the thousands in order to market it at a certain price point.

The saddle must provide the correct string break in order to optimally drive the top. If the saddle is low and provides little string break, the neck (all other factors deemed acceptable) should be restet.

Please don't consider this "trend" to be correct or a new industry standard.  It isn't. 

Best of luck (:

Thanks everybody. What I didn't said is that the guitar sounds good. All the story was a question of curiosity.

How does it come that a 12 string feels much easier to play than a (still easy) 6... Frank... are you there?

I've got my eye on 6string Craviola in a pawnshop here...I like the bodystyle but I'm gonna try an even trade,but I know it'll end up like the tv pawnrealty show! I had the guy dn to $400 a while back.
Hi Tim, nice to see you on the picture! ( ..I've always thought you were an F style mandolin!)...

matter of fact I just returned from the pawn shop w/ the Giannini I mentioned above and traded a Washburn F-5 and only had to pay ......ready????......$25 AMBUX!!!!  I'll be doin' a fretjob soon but the bridge has pulled slightly and I only noticed today it's got one of those gibson type metal inserts that holds the saddle(shit)I'll replace it too.

I think 12's feel easier due to the octave strings plus sweeping across gets more immediate response because there's less space to cover in between courses and play ever better tuned a step down.

Here it is......I took the worthless bolts ot of the bridge.Does your 12 have bolts?

I haven't seen it, just a picture that is too small to notice if the bridge has bolts. Maybe not, but I'll ask to my friend and let you know.
Here are the pictures of the bridge (enlarged). You can see, Tim, there's a little darker dot but too small and off center to hide a bolt or a screw. The guitar is in the States, not in my hands.


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