Dust protection safety measures and wet sanding

Hi folks,

Posting this sheepishly in the hopes 'there are no dumb questions'. In the past, all the time I've spent wet sanding, I've worn an N95 dust mask, just out of habit. Working with a desk lamp at a low angle to the guitar the other day  I just didnt see any dust in the air in my work area. Feeling rather sweaty-faced under the dust mask, I wondered to myself-

do you guys wear dust protection when wet sanding? any need to? seems that the liquid captures the dust in a slurry, or is there still residual dust to be concerned about?


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Good Afternoon Rory.

I have made a lot of sawdust. I have a ritual: fan exhausting out the window, open or crack the others so a nice vacuum keeps the air moving, sometimes a fan on one end of the bench to help the air move better, power sander connected to a shop vac with a HEPA filter. AND the air cleaner hanging from the ceiling is on full blast.

Rarely do I wear a mask if the flow is good. Wet sanding still generates some particulates that most guys will warn about breathing in. I still like to keep the air changing regardless of what type of sanding on whatever material is at hand.
Generally the medically safe rule is not to rely on your eyes where dust is concerned.The really damaging particles than can get right down deep in your lungs are not visible when they are floating in the air.It`s all a bit scary.


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